Chateau Nottebohm

Timeline: The German occupation of Belgium. World War II, 1943.

Location: Brecht, Antwerp, Belgium.

Outline: Strange things started to happen right after fall season. As the clouds went by, the trees surrounding the land creaked and moaned in the wind. Word has it that ravens had migrated from far north and are now gathering on deciduous trees to guard the land.

This project's motivation was to challenge myself and try reproducing a highly detailed architectural element such as a decayed castle or mansion. I choose this one in particular for the appealing decayed state of the mansion, as well as for the amount of references that provided me with a good knowledge of the structure.

Redshift for Maya was the engine used to render the scene. The castle was modeled entirely inside Maya. Vegetation elements were produced with SpeedTree, with the exception of the grass where a variety of assets from Quixel were used. Quixel Mixer was the main tool used for texturing the entire scene. Decay elements such as leaks, dirt, moss and other decals were laid out inside hypershade. Render passes were brought inside Photoshop for final editing.