the Neo-lumberjack

Timeline: The Information Age, 2015.

Location: Montseny Massif - Planet Earth.

Outline: The Neo-Ruralism movement has acquired fame amongst modern people. City born Lego Tom, sets up for his morning coffee at the branch-cottage porch on a glorious morning. Tom moved out of the city to become a lumberjack and thus connect with nature, but he keeps struggling with the daily perks of the wilderness — Gross insects are his biggest fear.


The primary idea was to create this environment where to establish a realtionship between the organic (nature) and the artificial, this latter being the character itself and the materials used to build his forest cabin.

Redshift for Maya was the engine used to render the scene. I downloaded a generic lego model from turbosquid and modeled the cap, axe and mug. With the exception of the grass and plants assets, all 3d models used in this scene where produced by me using photogrammetry. 
Plastic elements and other parts were modeled in Maya and textured using Substance Painter. The awning was modeled using Marvelous Designer and textured also with Painter. Finally, all passes where composed in Photoshop and brought into After Effects for final editing.